Walking Holidays Greece - Zakynthos

Guided Walking Holidays Greece

Our guided walking holidays in Greece are based on the Island of Zakynthos and offer a delightful opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful places in Greece, many only accessible by walking and a guided holiday makes it totally relaxing and stress free.

The walks cover a variety of interesting areas and terrains including shady olive groves, quaint hilltop villages where locals gather at the coffee shop to chat, mountainous herbaceous plateaux offering panoramic vistas and hidden coves with shimmering blue seas to dip in.

Walking around 8 miles each day the pace is relaxed with plenty of time for photographs and a pleasant stop for lunch in an authentic Greek taverna or picnic on the beach, and returning from the walk what better than to slip into the pool or sea for a refreshing swim before rejoining the group for a delicious 3-course supper overlooking the ocean.

We arrange guided walking holidays in Greece for groups, friends and families and also periodically run them for individuals and couples who want to walk in a party with others - everything is organised for you so it is a great fun way to relax and explore this magical Island.

Walk Highlights

  • Stroll in olive plantations, spotting unusual flora and fauna, amazing panoramas at Ano Gerakari, wandering through grape vines and on sandy beaches
  • Upland village of Volimes with its remote ruined Monastery of St Andreas where a lone nun is restoring the structure single handed
  • Mountain top settlement of Geri which has a tiny eatery, a few traditional dishes cooked daily such as local rabbit stew and Horta
  • Zante Town Cathedral with its magnificent gold icons and decorations, fishing boats selling their catches, the Castle perched high above site of the Zakynthian Acropolis
  • Keri Peninsula and Marathia with their crystal clear waters and stunning views, the curious lake with naturally occurring tar springs used as far back as the Phoenicians for waterproofing ships

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Guided Walking in Greece Brochure
Guided Walking in Greece Brochure