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Why Being Outdoors is Good for Your Health

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Cornish Coast Walking Trail

It was always said that a healthy dose of fresh air would be able to cure any illness. Science has come a long way since then, and we all know this is now not the case. However, there are many other great health benefits of being outdoors. A study which was conducted in the Netherlands, revealed that residing within half a mile from a field or green space led to a lower rate of 15 diseases. It was strongest for, diabetes, migraines, asthma, anxiety and depression.

Vitamin D production is one of the main benefits of being outdoors as it helps the body absorb zinc, iron and calcium. It also keeps your muscles healthy as well as helping to improve your immune system. When exposed to the sun, it triggers the process which produces vitamin D in the body. It is a hard vitamin to get from food alone because so few carry them, so most us soak up between 80-90% through our skin.

The outdoors also helps to decrease stress levels, and spending more time with nature shows a shift towards a more positive mood. No-one is sure why this happens in our bodies, however Judith Heerwagon, a Seattle-based environmental psychologist says “I don’t think anyone understands why, but there’s something about being in a natural setting that shows clear evidence of stress reduction, including physiological evidence — like lower heart rate”. She then went on to say “The theory is that we respond positively to things that are good for us. Trees offer shade, protection and often have fruits and nuts, so they are a source of food as well as protection and comfort”.

So, if you are feeling low at the moment or just need some fresh air, why not take a look at our Cornwall and Devon hiking holidays? The fresh air won’t only do you good, but your body will be benefiting in many of other ways.

If you have any questions then please contact us, we will be happy to tell you lots more about our walking holidays.