General Information and Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I be with - singles, couples?
Our groups are made up of individuals, friends and couples who enjoy walking in the company of like minded people, a really convivial holiday.

How many people are in the walking groups?
Typically we have between 6-12 guests in our open to all regular walking groups, although we can organise bespoke holidays for walking organisations such as Ramblers and can accommodate up to 30 people for these.

How long or difficult are the walks?
Our guided walks are around 8 miles long with a mixture of terrain including some steeper parts, uneven and loose ground, but as we don't rush most people can manage them.

What if I get tired?
On most walks there is an option to curtail, perhaps remaining at a Tea Room or Pub where you can be collected, so there's no need to soldier on if you don't feel like it.

How fit do I need to be?
As a rough guide you should be able to walk at least 5 miles and be steady and comfortable climbing a flight of stairs without being out of breath and we usually walk at a pace of around 2.5 miles per hour.

What if I don't fancy walking on a particular day?
No problem, you can remain at the accommodation to read or relax or there may be an option to travel with the group and spend some time independently in a village or town sightseeing.

How do your self-guided holidays work?
We specialise in single centre holidays so you stay in one place then travel out to the walks each day – so no need to keep packing and unpacking. You can set you own pace and transport is either included or can be arranged to suit you.

What equipment do I need?
Most important are comfortable walking boots (well worn in), walking socks, waterproof jacket, warm jumper or fleece, walking trousers (not denim), water bottle and a small rucksack to carry this and your lunch. You might also like to bring 1 or 2 walking poles, hats for sun or wind, gloves, scarf and other personal items such as plasters, hand wipes and sun cream.

Can you accommodate medical conditions, allergies, phobias?
We do require advanced detailed information of anything we should be aware of whilst you are holidaying with us, so please do ensure you fully complete the booking form, this way we can maximise enjoyment of your tour.

Can you cater for special diets?
Given advance notice, we happily cater for dietary requirements. Please give full details when completing your booking form. Whilst some diets greatly limit choice, if you provide as much information as possible, we will ensure you are still able to celebrate all things outstanding regarding food and drink. Please note any additional preferable food alternatives. All information will be presented to our various chefs and a menu will be specifically tailored for you.

How do I get to the holiday location?
Each individual holiday destination has a location page where you can find travel details or simply contact us for specific questions and timings.

Is there car parking at the accommodation?
Yes there is parking available at all our locations.

What is the weather like?
Information about weather averages are given on the location page of each destination navigate to a specific holiday to find this or contact us for details.