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About Way2go4 Walking Holidays

Way2go4 Walking Holidays was the brain child about ten years ago of us, Alison and Michael Stubbs, since then we have arranged walking holidays in the UK and Europe to people worldwide. Based in a nature reserve on the Cornwall and Devon border means we have some of the most stunning regions of England on our doorstep. Universally, guests say we always over exceed their expectations, having a plethora of talents enables us to provide truly unique holiday experiences. We walk in the most outstanding places sharing our extensive local knowledge of flora, fauna, community life and history.

Michael enjoys walking and living in this nature abundant region, has an incredible understanding of wild flowers, enjoys foraging for fungi and other edibles. Is a wonderful raconteur, bountiful information on local churches, shipwrecks and ancient features. He loves renovating our old camper van and is also a part-time potter and blacksmith.

Alison studied Food Science, has a passion for all things foodie, excels at menu creations. Undertook art course under Michele Cassou theory so spends time painting, sewing and crafting. A real outdoor lover, competitive runner, creative photographer.

Ellie is our beautiful English Springer Spaniel aged 8 years and officially the company mascot and Entertainments Officer. Provides guests with invaluable back up support on walks. Probably the most photographed dog in England, loves endless fussing, balls and sandy beaches.

We look forward to walking with you.

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